Services for the hearing impaired

Consulting an audiologist

Contact Bekol's audiologists for a personal, bias-free consultation in matters relating to auditory rehabilitation (hearing aids, supplementary devices and more)

"Hearing Out Loud" Courses

Life changing workshops for the hearing-impaired and their families, featuring strategies for better communication in all walks of life

Auditory training

Personalized trainings with a professional audiologist. The programs are specifically designed for individuals with hearing aids and cochlear implants, to help improve their speech understanding and communication

Support and information

Support and information centers for the people with hearing loss and their families

Bekol's hearing mobile units

A cross-country operation visiting day-centers, homes for the elderly, etc., to provide hearing screening tests, information and consultations

Lending assistive hearing devices

Centers for the lending of hearing aids to employers, students and all in need

New at Bekol

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Accessibility Unit

Bekol's Accessibility Unit advances legislation and policy-changes in favor of a more accessible society

Bekol Membership

Join us! As members you will enjoy numerous benefits and a special gift of your choosing

Purchasing batteries for hearing aids

Looking for batteries for hearing aids or cochlear implants? Bekol provides you with quality products for a reduced price and quick home deliveries

Bekol offers a variety of services and custom-tailored assistance to institutions, companies, organizations, municipalities, and schools

A whole world of workshops, trainings, courses and accessibility solutions for institutions

Courses and workshops for students

An introduction to the world of hearing-impaired individuals and sign language, cultivating the acceptance of people with disabilities

Trainings for service-providers and sales representatives

How to identify a client with a hearing impairment? How to better cultivate effective communication? Our training programs will help enhance the quality of your services

Hearing screening tests and consultation for employees and volunteers

We'll arrive at your doorstep to you with our mobile hearing units. Every fifth person experiences hearing loss. Don’t wait until it's too late

Lectures on hearing loss and ways of coping

Allow our specialists to enlighten your employees, volunteers or beneficiaries on the subject of hearing loss, its implications, treatments and more

Providing organized events with accessibility solutions for the hearing-impaired

Enhancing the accessibility of conventions, ceremonies, lectures and all physical or on-line events. Accessibility is required by law and serves to increase the number of attendees

Bekol in Numbers

Bekol has been representing Israel's community of hearing-impaired individuals for the past 25 years
Throughout this time, we've been working to advance the rights, wellbeing
quality of life and social integration of more than a million beneficiaries

K 200 +
Enjoy unlimited access to television broadcasts: closed captions and/or simultaneous translation into sign language of all programs and commercials
K 50 +
Enjoy the inclusion of specifically designated services in Israel's medical services basket: participation of Kupot Holim in the purchase of hearing aids, cochlear implants, etc
K 0 +
Participated in lectures for the enhancement of awareness to hearing loss, its implications and treatment
K 1 +
Manage their hearing loss with consultation and support offered to family members
K 10 +
Alumni of Bekol's 'Hearing out Loud' have acquired life-changing tools for coping with hearing loss
Years 0
The average time-period between first acknowledging hearing loss and actively addressing it
% 0 >
Of all people who could benefit from hearing aids actively use them